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Tier Harribel 3D-Printed Bleach Cosplay Anime Sword

Tier Harribel 3D-Printed Bleach Cosplay Anime Sword

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Step into the world of Bleach with unparalleled authenticity and style with the Tier Harribel 3D-Printed Cosplay Anime Sword. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this majestic sword stands at a towering 40 inches in height and boasts a formidable width of 20 inches. Each intricate detail of Tier Harribel's iconic blade is faithfully reproduced, from the elegant curves to the intricate engravings, ensuring an immersive cosplay experience like no other. Whether you're attending conventions, cosplay events, or simply displaying it as a collector's piece, this sword is sure to captivate both fans and enthusiasts alike with its stunning craftsmanship and undeniable presence.

Constructed from durable materials and featuring a flawless finish, the Tier Harribel Cosplay Sword is not just a stunning replica but also a reliable and sturdy prop for all your cosplay adventures. Its lightweight design allows for easy handling, while the impressive dimensions make it a striking centerpiece for any cosplay ensemble. Embrace the power and elegance of Tier Harribel as you wield this exceptional sword, perfect for Bleach enthusiasts looking to elevate their cosplay game to the next level. Unlock the essence of the Bleach universe and channel the strength of Tier Harribel with this remarkable 3D-printed masterpiece.

Prop Arrives In 12 Pieces that must be glued together. I recommend using JB Weld as it forms a chemical bond that is nearly unbreakable.

JB Weld


Height: 40 Inches

Width: 20 Inches

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