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Thresh LED Light Up Cosplay Lantern From League of Legends

Thresh LED Light Up Cosplay Lantern From League of Legends

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If you play league of legends then you know how deadly this character can be. Thresh collects souls in his lantern which can be seen at night by simply flicking the on switch. A green light will shine representing the several lost souls thresh has collected. This item is tested and will come with a battery to ensure the LED works properly.

This is printed in PLA. There may be some ruff spots from the supports or the print process its self and will need some finish work. Color may vary from the pictures.

The Large Cosplay Lantern Is certainly a site to behold! This lamp is over 3x the height of the small one and is held togethor by both glue and magnets. Unlike the small one this one must be assembled.


I have a link to the creation of this item below.

*****The magnets and puck light do not come with this purchase****


Puck Light

E6000 Glue



3 inches - Width
4 inches - Length



17 Inches - Length

9 Inches - Width


I am not a creator of the idea or concept of these, this is an inspired fan-made item and not an official product.
All rights belong to their respected owners.
This is not an officially licensed product. Trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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