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SOI FON Bleach Cosplay Weapon suzumebachi Zanpakutō

SOI FON Bleach Cosplay Weapon suzumebachi Zanpakutō

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SOI FON is one of the deadliest captains in the Gotei 13. Her Zanpakutō is suzumebachi and it yields a deadly power.

This cosplay print of Soi Fons suzumebachi would go great with any bleach cosplays. Now that the show has made a return I expect a lot more people will be cosplaying as this character.

This item comes with the arm guard and finger guard. I highly recommend painting these with Yellow-Gold and black spray paint and using painter's tape to seal off each area while painting.

This item comes in one piece so you do not have to worry about hiding the seems. The finger guard is flexible and can bend with your finger.

The chain DOES NOT come with this prop.

Opening: 6 Inches
Length: 11 Inches

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