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Sentinal Vayne Crossbow From League Of Legend

Sentinal Vayne Crossbow From League Of Legend

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Shauna Vayne is a deadly, remorseless monster hunter who has pledged her life to finding and killing the demon who murdered her family. Armed with her wrist-mounted crossbows and a heart full of vengeance, Vayne is only truly happy when she's slaying practitioners or creations of the dark arts.

If you have enjoyed cosplaying as vayne then this is undoubtedly the item needed to bring that cosplay to full light. Sentinal Vaynes crossbow strikes fear in the heart of her enemies and is certainly a sight to behold. When fully assembled this crossbow stands well over 4 feet tall and over 2 feet wide.

Id imagine such a massive crossbow would be needed to destroy demons.

This crossbow is made from PLA+ and Transparent PLA. The transparent pieces are used to connect the arches of the crossbow to give it a floating appearance. the cosplay prop will arrive in 16 pieces that need to be assembled. Numbers will be written on it to demark which pieces connect to which.

Height: 4.5 Feet
Length: 2 Feet
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