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Mami Tomoes Musket 3D-Printed Cosplay Prop

Mami Tomoes Musket 3D-Printed Cosplay Prop

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"Step into the captivating world of magical girls with the Mami Tomoe's Musket 3D Printed Cosplay Prop, a stunning homage to the iconic weapon wielded by the beloved character from 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica.'

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this 3D printed replica captures the essence of Mami Tomoe's musket, ensuring every curve and intricate design element remains faithful to the original. The prop embodies both elegance and power, mirroring the grace and strength of its wielder.

The Prop is VERY LARGE and Arrives in 5 Pieces That Must Be Glued together.

For stability, A 1-inch PVC or Wooden Pipe will need to be inserted into the center of the musket. This will ensure it will not break or droop at conventions.

For Glue, I Highly Recommend E6000 or JB Weld which is much, much stronger.

JB Weld

Length: 51 Inches (4.25) Feet

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