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Kingdom Hearts Goofy Knight Dream Shield

Kingdom Hearts Goofy Knight Dream Shield

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The Knight's Shield is Goofy's default weapon, and it befits his kind and chivalrous nature.

The Knight's Shield is circular with thin, gold edges. It is sky blue and has a large, black silhouette of a hidden Mickey's head which is bordered with the golden outline, emblazoned on its face.

This circular shield comes in grey and is the perfect accessory for any kingdom hearts cosplayer. This shield is both protective and nostalgic. Throught the kingdom hearts series goofy wielded several shields but this one is by far one of the most iconic. Similar to the game, the shield is not designed to cover your entire body. It instead is much smaller and will more or less cover your torso.

I absolutely love kingdom hearts and 3D printing pieces from the game is always a pleasure.

Height: 13 Inches
Width: 10 Inches
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