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Bayonetta's Scarborough Fair Cosplay Weapon

Bayonetta's Scarborough Fair Cosplay Weapon

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Scarborough Fair is the name of Bayonetta's signature and one of her favorite weapons from the first Bayonetta game.

This weapon is one of her signatures and greatly accents her costume. Nearly everyone will recognize your Bayonetta cosplay when you bring these bad boys out.

If you Loved The Game Bayonetta as much as I did then this Cosplay prop is a must. This awesome gun is over 11 inches long.

The Gun is 3d printed and will come in 2 parts that must be assembled/glued together. It will need to be primed and painted.

Note this is not a functional weapon. It should only be used for cosplay purposes.

Length: 11.5 Inches
Width: 1.5 Inches
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