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Archer Swords Kanshou and Bakuya Fate Stay Series

Archer Swords Kanshou and Bakuya Fate Stay Series

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Kanshou and Bakuya are "married" twin swords representing Yin and Yang, crafted by the blacksmith Gān Jiàng of Wu during the Spring and Autumn Period of China. They were crafted more for the sake of crafting, as if questioning the meaning of the swordsmith, than for any real idea behind their creation.

These Swords Are from the series Fate Stay Night. Kanshou and Bakuya are wielded by the archer class are rather attractive swords. They come as a pair or could be bought individually but they certainly complement one another.

Both of these swords should be used for display or cosplay purposes and are not functional swords. These swords are 24 inches in length and will certainly complement any archer cosplay you display.

Each Sword Is shipped in 5 pieces that must be glued together.

Please use E6000 Glue to glue each piece together.


Length: 24 Inches

Materials: PLA Filament
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