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Anime Cosplay Sword Holder

Anime Cosplay Sword Holder

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I'm guessing if you are here then you also absolutely love this swordsman. Not only is he an amazing fighter, but he also sports two of the most awesome swords in the monster destroying universe. If you cosplay as this flashy man or plan to then you definitely need this cosplay accessory. This Item holds his sword to your back and lets you freely move and walk around during shoots and at conventions.

The sword comes in either Grey or White and not the blue photographed. The sword holder does not come with straps but here is a link that will allow you to adjust the item to your specific height.

Also here is a link to the video review and assembly I did for the item's creation. The item will come in 4 pieces that will need to be attached and glued together. ⭐⭐⭐I highly recommend that once you attach the sword holders to the back piece you glue them in place and weld them togethor.⭐⭐⭐

This will assure that they will not come loose as the swords are rather heavy.


Width = 14 inches
Length = 5 inches

Sword Cup Dimension
Width = 5.5Inches
Length = 4
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