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Akali League Of Legends Scythe Cosplay

Akali League Of Legends Scythe Cosplay

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"The only rule that matters is that your enemies don't walk away."

If you're a league of legends fan or an Akali admirer, this scythe is the weapon for you. This cosplay weapon will easily highlight and accent your Akali or KDA Akali cosplay. The items comes in either white or grey and is 3D-Printed.

The order will come in 3 parts which must be assembled. You can choose to glue or weld them. For information on how to do this check out my cosplay channel below.

Cosplay Channel

This print really stands out after it has been primed and painted. I recommend using Krylon paint and Dupli color 2 in 1 Sandable Primer.

Height 15Inch
Length 9.5Inch
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